The Nightingale Inn is a slightly medieval looking place, wooden walls, wooden door, you get the point, inside there is a row of wooden counters, the bartender

Inn Exterior
attends the drinks, there are stools set in front of the counters, behind the counters (where the bartender is) are shelves which hold shot glasses and a row of mahogany drawers, on top of these drawers are beverages, inside is empty. Next, there is the fireplace, a raging fire burns there, a bard sits beside the fire, singing songs, sometimes the other guests may sing along, clapping. There are often fights, which is started by the drunk guests, but they stop briefly. there is a room beside the fireplace containing tables and seats, these are for food and drink. Back to the main place, there are wooden stairs leading to a small hallway of rentable rooms, the low-class rooms reserved for people who can't afford the high-class rooms, the high-class rooms reserved for the people who can afford them or nobles. In the hallway there is a red carpet laid out and a few artistic paintings pinned to the wall.