A rushing stream weaves throughout the entire forest, mysterious creatures dwelve in the denseness, at the ending of the stream there is a slightly large waterfall,
The Mystic Forest
grey rocks lay beside the waterfall, bears usually seen there drinking and catching fish with one swipe of their paws, hunters are never seen in the forest since there are many dangerous creatures, like a mighty chimera. Deers, elk and moose are quite a common sight, usually seen grazing the short grass of the forest, wolves are also seen in the forest, the most dangerous of the wolves are the Sabu, wolves big as horses, with saber-like teeth and feet the size of bucklers. Behind the forest, at the end of it lies one towering mountain, it is said that a powerful dragon resides there, protecting the forest from any evil, the dragon has been seen, and it has been named 'The Mystic Guardian'. The forest is indeed a beautiful place. Rumours are that there is fairies the size of humans who dwell in the forest.