The Raven Man
Raven Man
The mysterious feral person, said to be a man whose soul was devoured by the Raven God, Corvus. There are rumours that this infamous man-beast resides somewhere in the Dark Forest. There has been one living man to tell the tale, and his name is Flande Ome; the man, now a minor celebrity of Skyan, has stated that he had found this ominous creature crawling up and down a very large tree in the Dark Forrest, then he had stated that the Raven Man had then halted, quickly looking at him closely, the man-beast turning his head the whole way around, like an owl. Flande then said that the creature has vanished into a black mist that appeared from nowhere, and then, Flande had escaped from the forest, saying that he will never ever enter the Dark Forest again. Flande's story has been confirmed that it was real, for a few have entered the Dark Forest in search of the Raven Man, sighting him, then running away, just like Flande did, and these 'few' have also told many others just like Flande, who is a bit traumatic right now from what had happened back then.

Latina Dev

Latina Dev

Latina Dev, the infamous human who had ruled the Human kingdom for months, treating the humans as slaves and pest, no one could stop her tyranic reign, though her reign ended when she lost her devillish powers, leaving her extremely vunlerable to all the people who loathed and despised her, she was brutally beaten without mercy, then set on fire, tied to a wall, and as she burnt, her last words were 'Revenge!'. The humans had ignored what she said, the emperor of the human kindgom rose once again, and continued on ruling. Latina was considered a spiteful witch by most people these days, and her 'revenge' never happened, but as the serious cruel woman she was, her revenge may soon dawn upon the humans...

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