Human – Average height, skin colours ranging from pale-white to dark-brown, intelligence varies, normal hair and weight ranges from skinny to obese, omnivores.

Lithrandale – Mostly varying between average and tall, mostly tall, light fair skin, high intelligence, and known for their tremendous beauty, slightly similar to humans. One of their special features are their eyes which almost seem like ultra-smooth colourful crystals, omnivores.

Elf – Tall, pointed ears, palish skin, extremely high intelligence, elegant and cunning, omnivores. Skilful experts in hunting and wise.

Dwarf – Burly and short, stubby legs aren't common, strong, mostly warm-toned skin, average intelligence, sometimes slightly low intelligence, omnivores, though they tend to eat more meat than greens.

Orc – Quite tall, green skin, sometimes bald (baldness only applies to males), low intelligence, uncommon species, mainly meat-eaters.

Fux – Short, cunning and sly like the Khajit, furry and a fluffy tail with a white tip, fire-red silky fur, ruby eyes and slit pupils, small paws, high intelligence, stands upright. Omnivores, favourite snack is berries, especially sphere-shaped plump ones, elders are wise.

Rahier – The Rahier are a strong yet sometimes, gentle, race. Ones who are not civilised live in the wild, without no clothes whatsoever, the civilised Rahier are equipped with clothes. They have a pair of horns, a long tail, human-shaped hands with black claws and their feet hooves of a horse. Their fur comes in many natural colours, they are omnivores, and females tend to have red eyes, and males sometimes neon-green eyes. The Orahier are related to Rahier, though instead of hooves, they have canine feet. Rahier and Orahier have the same diet, they both have the same large lion-like faces.

Khajit – A tall cat-like creature covered in fur, cunning and sly, slightly higher intellect than average intelligence, fast and agile, meat-eaters, though a bit of vegetarian included in their diet.

Snow Elf – The Snow Elf reside mainly in snowy bitter-cold places, they have pointy ears, pale fair skin, and white hair. Their eye colours are turqoise, pale-blue, silver-white and grey. They are tall beings, masters in archery. They are mainly omnivores. Some Snow Elves have brown antlers. The Snow Elves rarely have blonde hair. Silverish violet skin is quite uncommon.

  • A male Human
  • A female Lithrandale noble
  • A Elf princess
  • A male Dwarf
  • A muscular male Orc
  • A female Fux
  • The Rahier and Orahier
  • A male Khajit
  • Wintras Monteiro, the old ruler of the Snow Elves