Current Month: Luteus

Season: Winter

Date: Friday 28th

The 13 months of the Skyan week (every 3 months is a season):

1. Solaris Aurora (this is a fascinating end to a year, the sun explodes (a new sun is born), creating a immense solar storm that lasts for a few hours, the Sun festival is held on the first week of this incredible month)

2. Novus

3. Tempus

4. Natura (the month of Spring)

5. Silva

6. Gramen

7. Sol (month of Summer)

8. Lux

9. Calidus

10. Aureus (month of Autumn)

11. Lignof

12. Luteus

13. Lunas (a new moon is born, the old moon crumbling away and a new core being born; this is the special new lunar year of Skyan, the Moon festival is held on the first week of this month)

The eight days of the Skyan week:

1. Mondas

2. Tudas

3. Wedas

4. Turdas

5. Fridas

6. Saturis

7. Sundaris

8. Sondaris

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