Revene Nix
Revene Nix Okami
Species Okami/Unknown
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Height 180 cm
Relatives Nix
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Revene Nix, her first name meaning 'Revene' in an ancient lost language, and her last name meaning 'snow' in latin, it is not known wether she has a connection with anything related to ancient stuff or snow- but there may be. Revene is a mysterious person, with a tendency to get lost.

Race and Appearance: Revene has pale flawless skin, golden eyes with small black pupils. She has long pointy ears with 3 gold hoop piercing on both ears. Her hair colour is clear white, though her may may become a pitch-black colour due to unknown reasons. Revene has a silver platinum metal band around her forehead that prevents her from combustion targeting. She has large black feathery wings (which she can tuck it at will), and when in battle streaks of scarlet cover her wings, a special ability comes with her wings; they can crystallize and target a storm of explosive shards towards the enemy.

Personality: Revene, a slightly clumsy girl who often gets lost. Shes quite aggressive towards strangers and suspicious. Revene seems bland mostly, seeming like a cold mysterious jerk to most people.

Class and Gear: Death Knight (a master at melee combat and magic), she mainly wears a black leather jacket with a hood, slim black leather jeans. mid-length black leather boots, black leather gloves and a necklace which has a curved white fang dangling from it. Revene carries a diamond-shaped glass vial filled with scarlet blood, occasionally she takes a sip from the vial. Her other powerful armour is Okami Spirit gifted by her father, along with a katana called Okami Soul which is equipped with her Okami Spirit armour. Revene a white okami mask, if her hair fades into black her mask will be replaced with a black/blue version.

Abilities: Revene is gifted with an innate power called Okami Wrath, she also has a last resort- becoming an Okami.

Companions: Shadowmere, a beast-friend.

  • Okami Spirit
  • Revenes Okami Mask
  • Her black mask
  • Shadowmere