Nehen Kaniza
Name Nehen Kaniza
Japanese Name 涅槃 蟹座
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Rc Type Bikaku
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Race and Appearance: Nehen is a ghoul.  Ghouls are generally thought of as vile creatures, especially by humans.  This is because ghouls cannot consume any "normal" food.  Berries taste like turds, stew tastes like a mixture of vomit and urine, venison tastes like hardened sewage- you get the idea.  And, even if a ghoul did manage to swallow normal food, it would be very harmful to their bodies if digested.  Ghouls are limited; they can drink water, coffee, and eat only human flesh.  Human flesh tastes like absolute bliss to ghouls, but starvation feels like Hell.  So, Nehen, being a ghoul, has a diet mainly consisting of coffee and homosapien.  In his normal form, he has slate grey hair with a navy tint and brown eyes.  However, when a ghoul like him is excited, starved, or when one conciously triggers it, the whites of the eyes turn black and the iris becomes crimson.  Nehen also has a kagune, like all ghouls.  His RC type is the bikaku variaton... This kagune is released around the tailbone.  His looks like a forked, blue tail that is about two meters long.  

Hinami ghoul eye by seireiart-d7yaar8

A ghoul's eye.

Class and Gear: Being a bikaku RC type, Nehen hasn't really decided on a definite class.  He really has no great advantages or disadvantages with his abilities.   Nehen generally wears his typical brown suit and normal dress pants.  When on an important mission, he gears up with light plates of tungesten armour and a navy and gold fox mask.  His weapon of choice, when he is not using his kagune, are his kunai knives.  

His mask.

Personality: Nehen is an intelligent person who knows his place in the world.  If you are superior, he will treat you as such.  If you are subordinate, vice versa.  He is opinionated and quick to anger, but he seems to be a kind and loyal person overall.  When starved, he will do anything for human meat.  He will also go for meat of other species at extremes.

Abilities: Being a ghoul, Nehen has advanced senses.  He has a strong sense of smell and can pick up on his enemy's scents easily.  His hearing is also advanced compares to other species.  He heals much faster than a human would, and can jump a couple meters high.  His bikaku also acts as two extra limbs, a spear, and as a shield.