The Fiodan, a relative to the extinct Great Elk. They have a large wide-width glossyblack nose, they have constant frowns and four furry erect ears. Their hooves are black and their fur is silver/white with faint dapples of light violet or pale blue. Female have no antlers, the males have gigantic antlers. They say that killing a male Fiodan will curse you and bring bad luck, but killing a female Fiodore will bring you good fortune and good luck. Their mating season arrives at Winter. A Fiodore's kin are small, the males having tiny antlers of course, and have only two ears, though they'll gain their full features when they fully mature. They are said to be the souls of the Snow Elf. Their life span is 1000-2000 years... 'Fiodan' means 'Wisdom' in the Skyan language.